Plus Paper Clinch: An Eco-Friendly, Staple-Free Stapler

Do you need to staple things but always run out of staples? The Plus Paper Clinch is perfect for you! It’s designed to staple your papers together without any staples required.

Simply open and slide the corner of the paper and press down—that’s it! It has a unique inter-folding process, locking the paper together without any staples. It also has the power-assist mechanism, which fastens paper without a lot of force.


It’s durable enough to last through multiple uses, and it’s compact enough to fit on your desk, backpack, purse, or drawer! The Plus Paper Clinch is also ergonomically designed to be used with just one hand.


It can fit in the palm of your hand, and can be used by everyone, from kids to the elderly. Plus, if you need to shred your sensitive papers, you won’t need to worry about staples jamming your paper shredder!


It’s an effective and safe alternative to staples, and can be used almost anywhere!


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


Where To Buy

Compact model
Fastens up to 5 sheets of paper


Desktop model
Fastens up to 10 sheets of paper