The Voyage Chair: The Ultimate Beach Chair with All the Essentials

Do you love relaxing at the beach but hate lugging a million bags with you? The Voyage Chair is perfect for you! It’s designed to be an all-in-one, functional beach chair.


It has anti-theft protection, padded and wide shoulder straps, wooden arm rests, an adjustable pillow, and an anti-sand mesh seat! The custom fabric design is easy to spot in a large sea of beach chairs, ensuring you never lose your spot.


The Voyage Chair has a head pillow with a hidden pocket to hide valuables, and the padded back straps make carrying the chair easier! The back of the chair has insulated can sleeves, letting you bring up to six cool canned beverages to the beach or lake.


The chair back also has a towel dry rack—no more packing soaking wet towels! The armrests have a smartphone sleeve, keeping your phone within arms reach but protected from the hot sun. Plus, you can store additional bags under the chair for added peace of mind and security.


The chair back offers even more storage: the large insulated pocket can hold lunch or snacks, and the mesh bag can hold books, magazines, or any other fun things for the beach!


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The Voyage Chair