Profipol2: Cover Your Plumbing and Electrical Wires with Tiling

For home renovation, one of the frustrating things to deal with is plumbing and electrical wires. They’re just plain ugly and always in the way. That’s why Dmitry decided to use his mosaic and master tiling tools to come up with some creative solutions to hide them.

Dmitry has 9 years of experience under his belt coming up with interesting and complex projects. He’s mostly known for working with ceramic, porcelain, and metlakh tiles, as well as, mosaics.

Additionally, Dmitry does services such as: leveling of bases (thin-layer semi-dry screed, plaster), complex waterproofing and installation of inspection hatches. With all the things he offers, you can be sure you’ll receive the best.

To check out more of Dmitry’s work, be sure to visit both his Instagram and YouTube channel where he demos most of his previous and current projects.

If you’d like to learn more about Dmitry’s work, you can contact him Here.

Watch the demo down below!