Quinny Longboardstroller: Combine a Longboard and a Stroller in One

The Quinny Longboardstroller is the fun and eco-friendly solution for travelling long distances with your child. It combines the freedom of longboard riding with the faster travelling of a stroller for parents and kids to explore more of the city.

With a maximum weight of 15kg for the child and 100kg for the parent, the Longboardstroller is a completely new and enjoyable way for you to spend time with your child! Not only will you enjoy boarding it, your child will enjoy riding it as well! No more boring stroller rides.

Safety is the primary concern for the Longboardstroller and the Quinny team has developed, tested and been approved for use by the European Community. Unlike normal longboards, the Longboardstroller uses a hand brake similar to a bike brake to stop.

When you’re finished Longboardstrolling, simply fold it up with the snaps and it’s easy to carry around and transport in your arms!

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!


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