Rescuers Find Cat In Such Bad Shape Call Him “Trainwreck”, Look After They Nurse Him Back to Health

When the Humane Society of the United States‘ (HSUS) rescue team went out to rescue 150+ animals from a residence in Chatham County, North Carolina, no one expected to find such a loving and engaging cat like they did with Orren. According to Sara Varsa, who was part of the rescue operation, he stuck out of the large number of cats because his breathing could be heard through all the noise. Orren was in pretty bad physical shape as well, with malformed back legs, a cauliflower ear, as well as eyes and nose drainage. When they brought him in to the vet, the list only got longer.

Adding onto the list a chronic upper respiratory condition, ring worms, and heart murmurs, the rescue started being dubbed as a “train wreck” by Sherri Orner, who works at Safe Haven for Cats. Though through all of this it stuck with the team that he was incredibly engaging, mellow, and sweet even through all the abuse he had been dealt. Rescue team member Varsa says it best:

“How welcoming he was was really special. To have an animal that’s been through this situation and when you open the doors, “I’m ready to go, I was waiting for ya””

via HSUS

When it came down to the adoption process the team at Safe Haven for Cats was worried that he would be tough sell given his long list of medical conditions that needed a lot of care and attention. Luckily for them he never even made it to the adoption list after one of the in house adoption counsellors, Beth Lindsey, put in the request to adopt. She had fallen in love with him as soon as they crossed path and she was ready to take him home.

Not too long after, the adoption took place and Orren was brought to Beth’s loving home where he now has all the attention and care he deserves in a safe environment! Here’s what she had to say on the new home situation:

“I think he’s learned that, you know, now at 6 in the morning “I [Orren] actually do get my breakfast” and something good is around corner. Whether its play time, treats, or, no one’s being mean to me. Life is good!”

Watch the beautiful video report by HSUS down below!


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