RYOBI Cooling Cooler: Keep Yourself Cool with This Cooler / Air Conditioner

Do you ever get hot at an outdoor BBQ, tailgate or camping trip? The sun’s heat is just glaring down on you and you just can’t catch a break. Well, what if I told you, you could combine your cooler with an air conditioning unit?

Now you can! It’s called the RYOBI Cooling Cooler.

The cooler uses an 18V battery to power it and can be charged using the included charger. Since it’s cordless, it makes for a great addition on the job site or any outdoor event.

RYOBI Cooling Cooler 1

RYOBI Cooling Cooler 2

The RYOBI Cooling Cooler has a 50 qt. capacity with over 4 hours of runtime. The handle and wheels let you easily transport the cooler from place to place. The large capacity allows you to fit tall items such as two litre bottles.

RYOBI Cooling Cooler 3

An onboard storage compartment lets you place items such as your phone, wallet, glasses, and more. It measures 18″ x 30″ x 20″ in size and weighs a total of 35 lbs.

RYOBI Cooling Cooler 4

The RYOBI Cooling Cooler comes in a package with battery and charger.

Perfect for those who need to cool down while at an outdoor event or BBQ!

RYOBI Cooling Cooler 5

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!


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