Zack & Zoey Dog Hoodie: Dress Up Your Dog in a Comfortable Way

If your dog loves dressing up, the Zack & Zoey dog hoodies are perfect for you! They’re designed to to give your dog some style while keeping them comfortable.


The hoodies have ribbed sleeves and a hem for the ultimate comfortable fit—your dog may even look better than you do! The classic style even has a kangaroo pouch that can hold leashes or extra treats.


The hoodies come in a variety of bright and bold colors: purple, orange, blue, green, black, and red! You can also get the hoodies in different sizes—they can fit everyone from tiny puppies to big German Shepherds.


The material feels identical to a human’s hoodie—you can even coordinate and match with your pupper! Put the hood on your dog’s head when he’s feeling moody, or take it off when he’s ready to play.


The best part? The hoodies are machine-washable!


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Zack & Zoey Dog Hoodie
Available in several sizes and colors