Schiller Water Bikes: The Boat-Bike Hybrid of Your Dreams

Do you love water sports in hot weather? The Schiller Water Bikes are perfect for you! They’re designed to combine a luxury bike with a boat, giving you a whole new way of enjoying the water.


It’s two inches in width, supporting up to 300 lbs. in weight. The bikes can assemble and disassemble in less than 10 minutes, and it’s extremely compact—you can store it anywhere you need to keep it.


It’s made of premium stainless steel components, ensuring it’ll hold up to all your water activities. There’s integrated steering on the handlebars, and it has performance handles, saddle, pedals, and cranks! This bike will last you for years to come.


The bikes transport easily on bike racks and trunks, and they’re clean and sustainable. Plus, the frame is powder-coated to hold up to any rough conditions! It’ll be the perfect companion for your lake adventures.


It can reach up to 10 mph—this bike has a need for speed!


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Watch the demo down below!


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Schiller Water Bikes
Available in three color combinations