TetraPOD: The Trailer That Turns into a Boat

If you love travelling in the outdoors, you need the TetraPOD in your life! It’s designed to be a trailer that can convert into a boat quickly and easily.


They start off as a tub trailer, but it can switch to a boat for your lake adventures! It comes in two models: an on-road and off-road version. It’s great for small lake trips, off-road adventures, or even trips to the local dump.


If you love travelling through the backwoods to remote lakes, pick up the off-road model. If you’re more of a city person who loves camping, you’ll prefer the on-road model. The off-road model has a powder-coated frame and a 1,500 lbs. tandem walking beam axel for all road and weather conditions.


The on-road model can hold around 27 cubic feet, but it’s compact enough to be stored anywhere. It also features a powder-coated frame to resist any weather conditions in the city! In boat mode, it can hold up to two people with a 650 lbs. payload.


Plus, the boat has polyethylene seats for added comfort!


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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