Sealey Dent Puller: Use Suction to Pull Those Annoying Dents Out

Perfect for fixing those small bumper dents, this device uses suction to pull dents out of your car!

The Sealey air suction dent puller is a pump that suctions onto the dent and can be easily used to pull the dent from a car.

The air activated suction pad keeps a firm hold of the panel while the slide hammer is used to ease out the dent, popping your car back into its original shape.

Since the tool uses suction, there will leave no damage to the paint surface or your car and you can have ease of mind knowing you won’t have to get a whole new paint job for a small dent.

The Sealey dent puller comes supplied with different sized suction pads to ensure that is can be used for any sized dent.

Ideal for initial panel reshaping of your car, the Sealey air suction dent puller is sure to save you from additional work for the little dent in the side of your car!

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Watch the demo video down below!


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Sealey Air Suction Dent Puller
3 Sized Suction Cups Included

$310 +