TurnAid: Turn Patients in Their Bed Without Risking Any Danger

Perfect for those patients who might not have the physical capability of turning to their side, this gadget will do it for them.

The TurnAid is an electronic roller that pushes and pulls the bedsheet from underneath the patient, allowing them to turn from side to side.

It is developed to handle situations in relation to the care of, moving off, and bed solutions for persons with severe physical disabilities in hospitals or even in their own homes.

It is best used with individuals with a weight up to 200kg and does so with consideration to the care-needed and the staff.

It is easily mountable on most care beds with its universal built-in design, able to comply with most medical demands in hospitals and at home.

TurnAid will improve the working environment and will increase safety for both the workers and the patient, opting for a seamless repositioning situation.

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Watch the demo video down below!


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TurnAid Turning and Moving System

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