Secret Color: Add a New Color to Your Hair Without Messy Dye

Do you like Demi Lovato and colored hair, but you don’t like complicated and messy dyes? Look no further than Secret Color! It’s designed to let you quickly change your look without any mess.


Essentially, Secret Color is a thin headband with lifelike colored hair—place the headband in your hair, and adjust your real hair over the extensions. They blend in seamlessly!

Coming in at just under $10, this is an affordable way to change up your look without any mess or commitment—when you’re done, the headband comes right off and you’re back to your natural hair! Want to change your hair color for the next day? Insert a different color!


It’s the perfect solution for kids! Because there’s no dye or chemicals involved, it’s safe to use on kids of almost any age. You can even wear two headbands at once!


You can’t wear your hair up with these—you need your real hair to cover up the extensions. While you can wash the extensions, you can’t use heat on them since they aren’t made with real hair.


Available Here.

They combine the best of real hair and synthetic hair for a fun, flawless look!


Watch the demo down below!


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Secret Color
Available in two colors