Shocked Pet Owners Discover Parrot Is Able to Cry Like Their Newborn Baby

When this mom and dad brought their new, little newborn baby back home, they had no idea that their parrot was paying such close attention to it.

Like any other parents, when they heard their baby crying in the kitchen, they had to rush towards the sound to find out what’s going on.

What they discovered, was something totally different – their beloved parrot wailing out!

Most people know that parrots are able to mimic sounds and human speech, but who ever knew that they could apparently mimic baby cries too!

It’s clear that when the newborn was brought into the house, not only was the family excited, but it seems like their pet parrot is excited as well!

You won’t believe how spot-on this parrot is able to imitate the newborn’s cries!

Have a listen for yourself by clicking the play button in the video below:


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