SlumberPod: The Portable Private Pod for Your Children

If you travel a lot with your baby or toddler, the SlumberPod is perfect for you! It’s designed to give your baby privacy and ensure everyone gets a good night’s sleep.


Sleeping with a little one when travelling is rarely smooth sailing. The room may not be dark enough, parents have to tip-toe around the room or hide while the baby falls asleep, or the baby may wake up and insist on being held when they see Mom or Dad.


The SlumberPod is made from breathable fabric and has four ventilation panels to increase the airflow. Its bottomless design can easily slide over a playard, creating a dark, safe environment for your baby to fall asleep in.


The lightweight pod is completely compact, weighing only six ounces. It folds down to fit on a stroller or in a suitcase without taking up too much room! Plus, it has a baby monitor pouch to keep an eye on your baby during the night.


If you have a hard time sleeping with a baby in the same room, this pod is the answer to your prayers!


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