JC Hammer: Magnetic Hammer Features a Cutting Edge Utility Knife

If you’ve ever worked on the roof of your home or done any renovations or construction, you’ll understand the need of so many tools on the site. Things like a magnet, hammer and a utility knife are must haves to get the job done.

With this handy tool, you can have all three of those tools in one – the JC Hammer!

The JC Hammer is magnetic and also has a unique cutting edge to act as a utility knife. This makes doing one task on the site easier and faster, ultimately helping you reduce time when working.

JC Hammer 1

JC Hammer 2

The JC Hammer is a steel top of the line hammer that features a built-in utility knife with a quick blade change system. The heavy duty magnet and slip resistant handle makes it great when installing roof dry-in underlayments, house wrap, sheet metal and drywall.

The hammer can be used with plastic cap nails, metal cap nails, roofing nails, and drywall nails.

JC Hammer 3

Its versatility and functionality with 3 different tools makes it a go-to tool for workers to add to their belt.

JC Hammer 4

Perfect for those who are tired of switching from tool to tool when renovating their home!

JC Hammer 5

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!


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JC Hammer
With Cutting Edge Utility Knife