TopperEZLift: Add More Space to the Back of Your Truck

If you want to expand the space in the back of your truck, the TopperEZLift is perfect for you! It’s designed to lift the hard top to let you carry more stuff wherever you want to go.


With just one push of a button, you can lift your Topper up to 17.5 inches! You can carry anything in the back with the extra space, from furniture to an ATV. The top can still protect your items while still giving you more space.


The electric actuators get their power from the truck’s 12V battery, raising and lowering the top without an external battery. It opens on the side for easy loading—you don’t need to remove the top to get your stuff inside!


The actuators are capable of lifting up tp 900 lbs, and the top firmly seals back onto the truck bed as if it had never lifted. The safety switch ensures it only moves when you want to move it, making it completely safe to use.


Plus, you can purchase an attachment to add on a pop-up camper!


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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