Thermacell Mosquito and Midge Repellant: Keep Bugs Away Without Any Sprays

Are you always eaten alive by bugs when you spend time in the great outdoors? The Thermacell Mosquito and Midge Repellant is perfect for you! It’s designed to keep pesky bugs away without any greasy sprays.


The gadget gives you a 15 foot mosquito protection zone, giving you plenty of room to enjoy yourself without any bug bothering you! It doesn’t require any sprays or lotions, making it hassle-free.


It’s scent-free and DEET-free, making it great for people who are sensitive to smells. The gadget is portable and lightweight for easy travel—it’s a great companion for camping, hiking, barbecues, and cookouts!


There’s no open flame, no candles, and no mess! The package comes with a fuel cartridge and three insect repellant mats—as soon as you turn it on, the bugs go away. Plus, it’s been evaluated by the EPA for safety and effectiveness.


If you hate bugs, you need this gadget!


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Thermacell Mosquito and Midge Repellant
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