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Duck Family Adopts An Unexpected Little Visitor

An Australian man had a surprise when he went to check on his ducks in the backyard. Snuggled up with the little brand new baby ducklings was another baby… But not a duck baby! A baby bandicoot had wiggled his way in with the fuzzy ducklings.   Posted by 9 News Perth on Monday, February 1, 2016 The mother duck was aware, but didn’t seem to be bothered, so they named the bandicoot Rex and kept him with the babies. He stayed with the babies for a week while going back and forth between his bandicoot family and the adopted...

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Horse Can’t Help Bugging This News Reporter While the Camera Is Rolling

When we think of playful and affectionate animals, we usually think of dogs and cats and not much else really comes to mind. However, horses can be extremely affectionate and playful as well! When they’re in the hands of the right owners, they love to be cheerful and fun. This is what this news reporter found out when he tried to do his job but the horse wouldn’t let him. Cut after cut, the horse nudges, nibbles and bops against this reporter. Thankfully, the reporter is a good sport. Instead of being afraid of the large animal that’s bugging...

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Mom Makes Dinner For the Family, When Her Son Tells Her Something About His Future

Teens can be really cruel to their parents. They don’t understand until they are adults just how much their parents sacrifice for them. Well, most teens. Zane found a way to make a meaningful compliment to his mother that touched her and seemed to fill the void that teens leave in the affection department. What did he tell her? Read her beautiful story! “Just about every night I make dinner for myself, Chris and the kids. I’ve always made a great effort to make sure those… Posted by Love What Matters on Friday, March 3, 2017 Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest...

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Toddler Goes Viral After Hitting Dance Moves At The Perfect Beat Drop Of “Uptown Funk”

If you needed something to brighten up your day, watch what this little girl does while listening to “Uptown Funk”. The video starts with little Maddie patiently listening to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk”. While she does bop her head back and forth, we can tell she’s waiting for the perfect time to unleash her moves. And oh boy does she unleash them. When the beat drop, Maddie unleashes some sassy moves to the audience. Watch Maddie’s dance in the video below: Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest They Sing “Silent Night”, But Like You’ve Never Heard Before. Goosebumps! With Christmas just...

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