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Dad Yells “Hello” at His Pup. Family Can’t Help Laughing When They Hear What It Yells Back

This cute animal video on YouTube features a pet owner with his two pups. As he approaches the gate where his pups are sitting and waiting for him, he gives his dog the usual greeting, “Hello”. Instead of barking like most dogs would do in this situation, his pup responds to him in a way that leaves his whole family ecstatic! The reaction from the pup is going viral and it’s easy to tell why – it’s able to talk! Without hesitation, the dog replies to its owner with a clear “Hello!”. It’s perfect response has people everywhere wondering...

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Dora Reunited With Her Family After Being Missing for 7 Months

Dora is a beautiful German Shepherd with a very sad story. She was missing for seven months. Her family searched the whole time, even after people told them Dora was probably dead. They never found her. In a miracle, someone found Dora and handed her over to the shelter thinking she was a stray. Pretty soon, someone very special to Dora showed up at the shelter. Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest Ugly Christmas Sweater Winner Plays Carol of the Bells Watch this girl play Carol of the Bells after winning an Ugly Christmas Sweater contest! Utah Father Transforms His 4-Month-Old...

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