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Airhook 2.0: Enjoy a Hands-Free Experience on Flights

Tired of spilling all your coffee everywhere during a flight? Want to watch videos on your device but hate holding it up? The Airhook 2.0 will be your life and savior! It’s a two-part system for travel comfort that includes a stable drink holder and secure mount for your electronic device.

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WIG AirFish 8: Airplane/Boat Glides Over Water to Reach Your Destination

The AirFish 8 from Wigetworks is a hybrid between a marine/aircraft that transports up to 8 people across water by gliding over it effortlessly. By gliding, the AirFish 8 gets you to your destination 3x faster than any typical marine craft. It’s powered by a compact V8 car engine and uses technology called Wing-In-Ground (WIG) to power the craft. The idea is that the craft uses extra air pressure close to the water producing additional lift. The applications for the AirFish 8 are limitless. It can be used for tourism, transport or even marine patrol whenever needed. While it’s...

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POWERUP DART: The Motorized Paper Airplane

Click here to Buy Ever wanted to fly a plane but thought the process was too complicated and expensive? Ever wanted to fly a model plane but thought the process was too complicated and expensive? Well want no more as PowerUpToys is bringing to the market a simple and inexpensive alternative to flying: the paper airplane based POWERUP DART! Based off of its predecessor the POWERUP, the POWERUP DART brings us new options for consumer level flight focusing on its aerobatics capabilities! Whether it’s trying to complete a barrel roll or a complicated Immelmann maneuver, it’s all possible with...

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My Little Train: Connect All Your Luggage for Easy Transportation

The My Little Train luggage set is perfect for the person who just can’t travel light! It’s designed to attach together like a train, ensuring all your luggage stays together. Thanks to the simple fastening system, your luggage is secure until you decide to release it! Need a bag to carry on and to check on the plane? No problem! This system will keep you organized. You can push your suitcases through a busy airport or train station with one hand, leaving the other free to hold onto your ticket or passport—or a cup of coffee! For more information,...

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Overweight Woman Is Upset At Airline Staff Intentionally Calling Her “FAT”. Then, She Finds Out What They Meant

Booking a flight in the U.S. can be the craziest and hardest thing to do. It’s hectic and you’re trying to rush to get things properly organized. But, can you imagine what the agents on the other end have to deal with? Here are some crazy (and funny) stories from actual American travel agents: Like us on Facebook LOL. I didn’t think this would be possible but I guess travel agents have it even worse than we do when trying to book for flights. If you laughed, be sure to share with your friends/family! h/t Hrtwarming Comments Facebook Twitter...

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