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MonPere Travel Pillow: The Perfectly Adaptable Travel Companion

Click here to Buy The MonPere Travel Pillow is perfect for the person who is always on a plane or a train! It’s designed to adapt to your most comfortable sleeping position. You can move it around and adjust it to your perfect position, letting you relax when you travel. The linear shape ensures your head remains in its axis, removing neck pain and letting you have a deeper sleep. It’s made of solid silicone, making it soft yet solid and supportive. Bend one end around yourself or the back of your seat and the other in a secure...

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Here Are Some of the Craziest, True Stories from Flight Attendants, Passengers, and Pilots

Some people are not the biggest fans of flying, but thankfully there are flight crews flying all over the world who can put you at ease with just the right joke—no matter what’s going on. Here are just a few examples of some funny flight attendants and pilots. 1. The too-honest pilot 2. This flight attendant’s clever reminder 3. This brilliant flight attendant 4. This airline knows the truth 5. This pilot knows exactly what happened 6. Well, this flight attendant isn’t wrong 7. I hope you’re the favorite child 8. At least they aren’t lying 9. Well, don’t...

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Pilot Took Off Without Realizing Who His Passenger Was, Instantly Regrets It

If you’ve ever jumped to conclusions without knowing all the facts, this joke is directly towards you.   When this pilot thought he knew about who his passenger was, he lifted off with no questions asked.   Moments later, after learning the true identity of the passenger, he instantly regret his decision.   Read the joke below:       LOL. I guess there’s a lesson to be learned here: never assume, always ask before reaching a...

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Flight Attendant’s Hilarious Speech Leaves All of the Passengers in Stitches

Traveling can be stressful—between the security checkpoints, large airports, and delayed flights, it’s enough to practically cause a heart attack!   By the time you actually make it on the flight, you finally feel like you can relax and get ready to officially start your trip.   People usually tune out the safety speech at the beginning of flights, especially if they’ve flown before.   But this flight attendant from Southwest Airlines forced people to pay attention—with her humor.   Within seconds, all of the passengers are in stitches and they hang on to her every word!   I...

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An Unreal And Heart-Stopping Wingsuit Flight In France

To begin with, skydiving was already a dangerous sport. However, the adrenaline rush wasn’t enough, and so the wingsuit came into existence. Eventually, that also got boring for the adrenaline junkies. They have now resorted to jumping off mountainsides. If that’s not enough to get your heart racing, just watch as these two extreme Frenchmen shout “vive la France” before plummeting at incredible speeds and coming mere feet away from the mountainside and various trees. Thanks to some excellent camera work, one can almost feel as though they are speeding down the side of a French mountain. via Graham...

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