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Prong iPhone Battery Case: The iPhone Case That Plugs into Your Wall

Click here to Buy The Prong iPhone Battery Case is perfect for the person who’s always running out of juice on their smartphone! It’s designed to quickly charge your phone on the go, and it recharges by plugging into your wall. Keep your iPhone in your hands as you charge your case—it’s cord-free charging, and the case comes off easily. The four LED lights on the back and on the inside show you how much battery you have left in your case, ensuring you’re never out of power! The flat folding prongs are never in your way and the...

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Girl Loses Her iPhone, but Her Brother Decides to Mess with the Person Who Stole It

Losing a phone is not fun—and it feels even worse when the phone is stolen. But thankfully some people have a sense of humor when handling the situation! Imgur user thelowflyingowl recently got a text from a strange number claiming to be his sister, who recently lost her iPhone. He decided to have fun with it and trolled the thief hard—to the point where the family got an unexpected surprise! Read the full exchange down below! via Imgur Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest Orphaned “Justin Beaver” Can’t Go Live in the Wild, So He Makes Dams from His Toys A...

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