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FoxyDry Air: The Space-Saving Drying Solution for Your Laundry

The FoxyDry Air is perfect for the person who always air-drys their laundry! It’s designed to dry your clothes without taking up space in your home. Because of its high mounting position, it uses the warm air naturally rising up, which quickens the drying process. Use the remote to lift the rack easily and stop at your perfect height! In just a few easy steps, you can install FoxyDry in your home effortlessly. You can also get a mini model or a wall model! Available Here. Watch the demo down below!   Advertisement Where To Buy FoxyDry AirAvailable in...

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Foldimate: Your Robotic Laundry Assistant

The Foldimate is perfect for the person that hates folding laundry! It’s designed to fold your laundry for you—no effort required. Anyone in the family can use it, and you can get your laundry done in roughly half the time! Each clothing item can be perfumed and treated as the Foldimate folds it! It can even remove wrinkles! First shipments starting late 2019. Target price: $980 For more information and offers, check out the company’s website here. Watch the demo down below! Advertisement Where To Buy Foldimate Laundry Folding Machine Pre-order Comments Facebook Twitter...

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Unshrinkit: Save Your Favorite Garment After a Dryer Disaster

Click here to Buy The Unshrinkit will save your clothes from a dryer catastrophe! It’s designed to save shrunken wool clothing that was accidentally thrown in your dryer. It provides more gentle and effective stretching, keeping your clothes and hands safe when you use it. Simply pour the Unshrinkit in a container, put your garment in, straighten the fibers, rinse in cold water, and let it dry—that’s it! The solution relaxes the bonds in the proteins in the wool, allowing you to stretch it to its normal size again! Available Here. Watch the demo down below!   Where To...

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