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Nurse Shares Inspiring Story of Walmart Employee Who Helped a Woman in Need

You can’t choose where you have a medical emergency—you can only hope you’re surrounded by good people who are willing to help. Brittany McKee was at her local Walmart when she saw a woman passed out in the refrigerated section. As a nurse, she stopped to help, but didn’t expect to see another employee stop and help too. Read the full story down below. Following my appointment this morning to check on our growing baby boy, my husband and I stopped at Walmart in Evans to… Posted by Brittany McKee on Thursday, 24 August 2017 Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest Utah...

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Husband Gets Caught Buying Weekly Roses for His Wife

When you’re married for a long time, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and stop being a good partner. However, Mikaa Wilkins’s husband has the perfect solution to keep his marriage alive: he buys a dozen roses for his wife every week! But this particular week, she “caught him in the act.” Read the full story down below. "Today my husband was "CAUGHT IN THE ACT." He had a special request for dinner, so I stopped in our nearest grocery… Posted by Love What Matters on Thursday, 10 August 2017 Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest Utah Father Transforms His...

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Girl Calls Her Dad Crying When She Loses Her Wallet, Then a Boy Shows Up at Her Door

Whenever you lose your wallet, you feel like you’re losing your entire life—all your ID and money is in there, after all. So when you think someone else has it, it can be devastating. Stephanie Robertson-King’s daughter ran into this same situation recently. Her family thought it was gone forever. Then, a young man showed up at their door. Read the full story down below. Yesterday Baby Gurl calls dad crying – she left her wallet on the bus😳 We're all upset and she naively asks if she'll… Posted by Stephanie Robertson-King on Thursday, 27 July 2017 Comments Facebook Twitter...

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After His Son Spills a Slushee, This Dad Shows Parenting Done Right

Parenting is hard, and when your kid makes mistakes, it’s easy to snap and yell at them. But thankfully, that’s not what this dad did. Kalynne Marie was at a local store when she saw a little boy spill his Slushee. She expected the dad to explode, but instead, he gave his son a life lesson he’ll never forget. Read the full story down below. I just witnessed a boy, maybe about 6 or 7, accidentally spill a slushee everywhere. I'm talking blue and red goop all… Posted by Kalynne Marie on Tuesday, 1 August 2017 Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest...

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