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Grandma Finds Out Her 2-Year-Old Granddaughter Is a Piano Prodigy When She Walks in on Her Playing

Many people around the world will agree that – music is beautiful. So when Grandma heard lovely piano music coming from the room next door, she would have never expected it to be coming from her 2-year-old granddaughter. While little Emily Bear was familiar with music and musical instruments, her Grandma expected the music to be coming from her 2 older siblings who both played instruments as well. When Grandma discovered little Emily’s natural talent, it was without a doubt her parents would start piano lessons for her. But no one would expect what she has accomplished thus far....

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Piano Guys Add Scottish Flair To Their Mashup Of “Fight Song” And “Amazing Grace”

YouTube sensations The Piano Guys are known for their amazing rendition and covers of song using their amazing talents on various instruments.   In this unique mashup, The Piano Guys add a Scottish twist to the classic hymn “Amazing Grace” and hit songwriter/artist Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song”.   Musicians are dressed in traditional Scottish attire throughout the entire video and can be seen playing the drums, as well as, the bagpipes.   On top of the amazing musical work, the video features incredible camera work of the stunning landscapes of Scotland. It’s pretty easy to tell why this video...

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