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Adorable Pig Becomes Best Friends With a Puppy!

Meet Keeva and Piper. Keeva is the French bulldog on the right and Piper is the pig that is…a pig. Keeva was adopted by Carey Webb, whose family runs a pig sanctuary in Maryville, Texas. Keeva was adopted specifically to be a playmate for Piper. Unfortunately, as the photo below shows, the two did not hit it off. A photo posted by ?kookiepig@yahoo.com? (@kookieandkipper_minipigs) on May 15, 2016 at 1:57pm PDT Enter Peanut. A few months later, Peanut was brought to the pig sanctuary. Unlike Piper, Peanut had no problem whatsoever making fast friends with Keeva. As far as...

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Adorable Pig's Tail Droops With One Simple Trick

Pigs.   Despite the fact they’re notoriously messy (they can’t help it – mud is how they cool down), they’re also incredibly adorable. One cute little oink can melt even the coldest of hearts.   Aside from their cute little shrieks, they’re also known for their curly pink tails. How they curl is a mystery to most of us, but did you know that you can uncurl them? No, I’m not suggesting that you pull their tail or anything so rough. Using one simple, cruelty-free technique, you can make their tails – temporarily – go as straight and limp...

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Even Piglets In Hawaii Love To Surf

It should come as no surprise that surfing is a way of life in places like Hawaii, where the locals are part of the Polynesian peoples whose ancestors invented the sport. Yet it may come as just a bit of a surprise to learn that even the wildlife and possible food sources can enjoy hitting the waves from time to time. On Oahu’s Sandy Beach, Kama and his son Kama II (also called Son of Kama) have become local fixtures thanks to their love of surfing. Ever since he was a piglet, Son of Kama has loved the water...

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