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BarkShop Hidden Toys: Surprise Your Pooch with a Toy Inside Their Toy

Click here to Buy The BarkShop hidden toys are perfect for the doggie in your life! They look cute on the outside, but inside, they hold a special surprise for your pup. The Monsieur Acorn toy looks cute on the outside, but it reveals a sad little nut when you tear it apart! Odd Ollie the Octopus starts out fluffy, but has a pink squeaky toy on the inside! Consuela the Cactus looks happy on the outside, but she’s sad when you tear her apart! Chester’s Nuts is three toys in one: the shell and two nuts inside! Available...

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iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher: Never Leave Your Dog Bored Again

Click here to Buy The iFetch automatic ball launcher is perfect for dogs that get bored easily! It’s designed to throw balls for your dog at the touch of a button. Simply load the ball in the top (your pooch can do this by themselves!) and zoom after it when it flies out—that’s it! You can change the launch distance to 10, 20, or 30 feet! It comes with three mini tennis balls, and it lets your dog play fetch all by itself! It works with a power cord or with 6 C cell batteries! Available Here. Watch the...

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GameTime Expression Swing: Watch Your Child as You Swing with Them

The GameTime Expression Swing is perfect for parents who want more face time with their kids! It’s designed to let you look at your child as you swing with them. It’s the only patented playground swing that allows adults and children to interact face to face—according to research, intense emotional bonding occurs when parents and children make eye contact. The swings come in two styles designed for specific age ranges: the regular model and the toddler model. The regular model can seat children from 24-48 months, and the toddler model can seat children from 12-24 months. The universal model...

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