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Yeti Touch Defrosting Tray: Defrost Frozen Meats Faster Than Ever

Available here Perfect for those who never find a good way to defrost their meat, this multifunctional defrosting tray will be a lifesaver the next time you forget to take the meat out. The Yeti Touch defrosting tray is a gadget that can defrost frozen solid meat quicker than leaving it out. Lined with cast-molded aluminum, the Yeti literally pulls the cold out of the meat, evenly thawing your food completely. The conventional methods of running water over it could lead to a loss of nutrients while microwaving could cause contamination from uneven cooking. With the use of the...

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Dreamfarm Fledge: Cutting Board with Flip Up Edges

Click here to Buy The Fledge from Dreamfarm is a one-of-a-kind kitchen cutting board. It features unique flip up edges and a non-slip cutting board on both sides of it. Just like most cutting boards, Fledge is food-gripping and knife-friendly. Flip up the edges to catch food that fall off to the sides. It’s also great for transporting food to the pot or bowl without losing some in the process. The edges also act as a great groove to catch drips from juicier foods. It’s perfect for when you’re cutting things like tomatoes and watermelons. When you’re finished making...

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Tablift Tablet Stand: Watch Netflix Right from Your Bed

Click here to Buy The Tablift tablet stand holds up your tablet on any surface! The stand can hold virtually any tablet, including iPads and Microsoft Surface! All you have to do is place the tablet on the tray, secure it with the clip, then adjust the legs. Available Here. Watch the demo down below! Advertisement Where To Buy Tablift Tablet Stand Color: Black $49.95 Buy now Tablift Tablet Stand Color: White $39.95 Buy now Comments Facebook Twitter...

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