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Doctors Teach Simple Life Hack to Keep Band-Aids from Falling Off of Your Skin

Whether it was you who needed a bandage to cover up your cut or your little one got into a little accident, there’s no doubt you’ve used band-aids at one point or another in your life. Here’s one thing we can agree on: they just don’t stick. Even if the box says they are waterproof and will last, band-aids end up slipping off in the shower or even just slipping off randomly at times. The most frustrating (yet probably most often) place to have a cut on is your finger. The reason why it’s so frustrating is that we...

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Simply Drop Your Batteries To Test If They're Dead Or Not

Many electronics such as TV remotes, a computer mouse and a calculator use two batteries to power them. However, when one of the batteries die, the devices don’t function. So the question remains, how do you figure out which battery is dead? Sure you could go grab a tool, but that would take a lot of time and effort. Here’s a simple trick to tell you if your battery is dead or not, just drop...

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Add Hot Water to Skittles and You Get a Really Cool Magic Trick

Skittles is an amazing treat to have and with Halloween coming up, here’s a cool magic trick you can do.   When you hear their tagline “Taste The Rainbow”, all you really think of is the colors of the skittles.   We really don’t get the true “rainbow” part.   But with this trick, you’ll really understand the rainbow magic. It’s really simple to do. Just place the skittles in a circle form on a plate. You’ll want the colors to be in repeated form and preferably with the colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, etc.), then...

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Get Rid of Hornets With Just One Paper Bag!

Bumble bees are harmless. Wasps and Hornets? Less so. Nothing puts a damper on a gorgeous summer day quite like a wasp. At best, they hover around you and try to get at the sweetness in your drinking glass. At worst, they lose their temper and sting you until they get bored or you die – whichever comes first. Luckily, there may be a surprisingly easy way to deter the little murder flies. In addition to having the patience and the fury of a hyperactive toddler, wasps are notoriously territorial. The video below shows you how to construct a...

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