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Aircon Watch: The World’s First Air Conditioning Watch

Available here If you’re always hot, the Aircon watch will keep you cool no matter what the temperature is! It’s designed to work with your body to control your internal temperature seamlessly. The secret is within the straps—they have a tiny device that fits on the inner wrist on an area where the nerves are closest to the skin’s surface. It transfers the temperature quickly, warming or cooling your body. The cooling mode is perfect for people who are going through menopause, or people who wear full suits to the office in the summer! If there’s a heat wave,...

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Embr Wave: Your Own Personal Thermostat

Click here to Buy The Embr Wave is a personal thermostat for your body! It’s designed to warm and cool your body whenever you need it. Simply press the button on the hot or cold end to get an instant temperature change! The Embr Wave is placed directly on the sensitive skin on your wrist, giving your body an immediate reaction to the temperature change. Use the customization bar to adjust the Embr Wave to your own perfect temperature. Available Here. Watch the demo down below!   Where To Buy Embr Wave $219 Buy now Comments Facebook Twitter...

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Furbo Dog Camera: Toss Treats and Comfort Your Dog While Away from Home

Click here to Buy The Furbo Dog Camera is a device that lets you see your dog, talk to your dog, and even give it a treat from the comfort of wherever you may be. It comes equipped with a 720p HD Camera and Night Vision that lets you livestream your pet to monitor them at a 120-degree wide-angle view – day or night. Also equipped in the Furbo Dog Camera, is a 2-way audio connection that lets you listen to your dog and talk to them from your phone. The Furbo Dog Camera also has a bark alert...

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