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Beluga Whale Is Serenaded By Mariachi Band, And Just Can't Get Enough

Oh man, there really is nothing like coming together with a few friends and having a bit of a dance at someone’s wedding, right? Especially when it’s someone’s wedding and they request a mariachi band. And it’s at an aquarium. With a clearly interested beluga whale. The story of how this all came to be is surely a story for the ages, but asking your friends “hey, do you want to see a beluga dancing to mariachi music?” Is surely a question that has rarely if never been asked before in the entirety of human existence. At first simply...

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These Fishermen Are Surprisingly Happy To Lose Their Catch

Anyone who goes fishing loves the feeling of their line getting snagged. All the more so when something heavy is felt on the end, provided it’s actually a fish and not some spare junkyard tire or the freaking front door of Atlantis. Almost never would one in the rod and line game be unhappy with what they are about to reel in on a beautiful day out on the water. Rarer still are those who would be happy when their catch is stolen by another predator. Here we have an incredibly rare sight where a group of fishermen are...

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A Whale Of A Time Whale Watching

You can’t help but love whales. Even if you didn’t jump to see Free Willy the first time around – and perhaps true that the less said about the sequels, the better – you have to admit that they are amazingly graceful and elegant creatures. It also makes for a good story when they swing by you and your tiny boat to say hi. One humpback whale in particular however, decides to be a show-off in the Bay of Fundy. All is calm on a particularly foggy day, when out of nowhere our flippered friend of the ocean pops...

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