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Hardwall Takker: Drill Through Any Wall Without Cracking It

Have you ever had problems drilling and nailing hooks to walls? Don’t want to crack the wall but desperately need to hang something up? The Hardwall Takker has the solution for you! It’s a small device that can be used to easily drill through any wall without cracking your walls.

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Splitz-All: Save Your Back and Split Logs with No Effort at All

Need to split logs but don’t have the physical capability to? Wish there was an easier way to split large logs? Look no further! the Splitz-All is a wood splitter that can even be used by a child! The traditional ax can be dangerous when used incorrectly and requires a lot of strength to use it right.

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Artis Wall Reclaimed Wood Panels: Spice Up the Look of Any Wall

Perfect for those who want to add color to their homes without the hassle of ruining the walls, these wood planks stick to the walls to give any space a unique look. Art Is Wall is the company behind these pieces of wood that requires only basic installation skills to install. Without the need to drill holes or permanently change the wall, the reclaimed wood adheres to the wall with a simple strip of A.I.M that has adhesives on both sides. Once stripes are stuck to the wall, planks of the wood can be easily pressed on the wall...

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Ohio Woodworking Shop: Dispense Your Drinks From Real Wood

Click here to Buy This wine dispenser is perfect for outdoorsy person who loves a good drink! It’s made from real wood, yet pours out your drinks easily and smoothly. The Ohio Woodworking Shop hand-makes every dispenser individually—no two logs are alike. Each dispenser comes with a black metal handle and a wooden handle—choose the one that best suits your style! The wine is held in food and drink safe material, and is poured into your glass through a brass spout. Available Here. Watch the demo down below!   Where To Buy Log Liquor Dispenser $119 Buy now Log...

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