Veteran Creates Incredible Wheelchair for Disabled Wife and Other Wounded Veterans

Brad and Liz Soden were at one point in time, the picture-perfect couple everyone dreamed of having. The two supported each other through thick and thin and stood by each other even when life threw them the heaviest of challenges.

Despite being together through everything, the two of them never could have expected what would happen just before their wedding.

The Soden family was involved in an accident with their truck and while most of the family only suffered minor injuries, Liz lost all control of her legs and was paralyzed from the waist below.

As a combat veteran, Brad’s heart ached as the love of his life was going to miss out on some of life’s most precious moments – hiking, camping, events where terrain just wasn’t fit for a wheelchair.

That’s when Brad decided – he would fix this. He got to work with no engineering background or even a college degree to find a way to get his wife up and moving.

After two years (and a bunch of beer), Brad managed to construct something in his garage he calls – the Tankchair.

He dubbed this device “Tankchair” because of its speed, ability to go over any type of terrain, and handle almost any obstacle.

“You can shoot mine, and it’ll still work” says Brad.

The Tankchair helped Liz feel connected with her children and was finally able to be a part of the family again. She could explore the wilderness and enjoy sunshine like anyone else would!

After succeeding with Liz’s Tankchair, Brad decided he wouldn’t stop there. There are countless of wounded combat veterans and other disabled people that can greatly benefit from the Tankchair, so he decided to create a line of Tankchairs just for them.

The chairs cost anywhere from $15,000 up to $53,000 but Brad plans to team up with a veteran organization to provide chairs for free. It’s a noble mission to properly thank the men and women that fought for the freedom we have everyday.

Learn more about the incredible Tankchairs and the story behind how they were created in the video below:


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