This Baby Never Wants Stories To End

Getting to the end of something you’ve enjoyed is always a little bittersweet. Your favorite dessert, or your favorite movie, or your favorite book. Once it’s over, it’s over. At least until you begin again. While most of us might feel just a little bittersweet, this baby becomes almost immediately depressed when the story ends, and proceeds to bawl his eyes out while his soul cries out for more stories read by mom.

While this is a video for all of us who can relate to finding it difficult when things reach an end, caregivers and daycare workers will not hesitate to tell you that young children will throw tantrums and cry for nearly any reason. As we can see with this baby, he is already loving literature at such a young age. We hope his mom is proud, if understandably frustrated at his current inability to understand that all stories end at some point.


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