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Firefighters Work Quickly To Rescue 8 Kittens From A Storm Drain

There is never a dull moment in the life of a firefighter, but the job isn’t entirely about fighting fires. Sometimes, it involves the daring and timely rescue of adorable kittens.   Sacramento, California’s Fire Department is no stranger to kitten rescue, to the point that they’ve joked that every single day may as well be International Cat Day for them. On this one particular day however, they certainly had their hands full. The Fire Department’s Truck Seven had to work quickly to save eight cuddly kittens from drowning in a storm drain. While their nervous mother looked on...

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Tiny Kitten Just Can't Handle This Turtle

Kittens are great because they are adorable, soft, uncoordinated, and incredibly awkward. Having said that, they are also very curious which often results in funny and adorable hi-jinks. And sometimes, adorable kittens just don’t know how to feel when confronted with something incredibly strange and out of the ordinary. This little guy has just encountered his first turtle in life, and he does not know how to feel about it other than very, very, bothered. Ears back, bushy tail, and hunched body are all signs that this kitty is not having a good time dealing with this non-cat entity....

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Mighty Lion Cub Tries His Best To Roar

They say practice makes perfect, and this adorable little lion cub is wasting no time in getting started! Sure, he’s not really that great at roaring right now but no one has ever been good at something from the first time they ever tried it. Okay, maybe a few of us have gotten lucky in rare circumstances, but it’s not a regular thing that happens. Try as he might, this baby ball of fluff sounds more like a broken squeak toy than a mighty lion leading a pride across the savanna. But nevertheless, he will one day grow up...

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