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Pearl and Shell Light: Pretend You’re the Little Mermaid with This Lamp

Available here Do you love pearls but can’t afford to buy real ones? The Pearl and Shell lamp is perfect for you! It’s designed to mimic the look of a pearl in a shell, but with a beautiful light inside. The pearl is lit by an LED light, and it shifts through the colors of the rainbow. The result? A calming effect that can help you relax after a long day! The shell is made from iridescent ceramic, taking on the hue of whatever color is in the pearl. It fills the room with soothing colors, making your home...

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GravityLight: The Self-Powered Portable LED Lamp

Available here The GravityLight is perfect for lighting remote locations! It’s a self-powered light designed to create clean energy. A pack includes two LED lights with a brightness of up to 15 lumens. Simply hang the GravityLight and fill the bag with up to 26 lbs of weight. Pull on the cord to create 20 minutes of light as the bag descends! You can connect multiple lamps for more light! It also requires no batteries or charging! Available Here Watch the demo down below!   Advertisement Where To Buy GravityLight $69.99+ Buy now Comments Facebook Twitter...

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