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Widower Shares Emotional Story Behind Photo of His Late Wife on Facebook

Usually, pictures of your wife in a wedding gown spark feelings of happiness and joy. But for this husband, there will always be some sadness associated with this photo. John Polo met the love of his life, Michelle, in high school. After eight years apart, they reunited and wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Tragically, Michelle lost her battle with a very rare and aggressive form of cancer in January 2016. Recently, John shared a photo of his late wife in her wedding gown and ended his post with words of wisdom. Read the full beautiful...

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Lifestyle Blogger Shares Surprising Encounter with Another Mom at School

You never truly know what’s going on in someone’s life just by looking at them. Constance Hall, a British lifestyle blogger, knows this better than any mom. Like any average person, she has her rough days—those days when you don’t want to present yourself to the world. At her child’s school, she noticed a mom who seemed to have her life together: posh accent, put-together attitude, and unstained clothes. One day, Constance decided to push her insecurities aside and talk to the other mom—and she couldn’t believe what she learned. Read the full heartwarming story down below   There...

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Pastor Checks Every Flooded Car After Hurricane Harvey to Make Sure No People Are Trapped Inside

You never know how you’ll react in a disaster. Some people think of others, and some people only think of themselves. Brian K. Robertson II was spotted a man going through all the cars he could find in a flooded street after Hurricane Harvey. He approached him and asked what he was doing, and when he heard the reason, he had to take a picture and share it. Read the full story down below. HELP ME FIND HIM!!! Earlier this morning my nephew Governor Brian K Roberson II took these pictures off 288. The man… Posted by Tera Stidum...

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