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Sleep Under The Stars While Being Protected From The Elements

I love camping (or maybe ‘glamping’ is a more appropriate term). The saddest part of the day is going back into your tent and not being able to see the starry sky. Some tents have mesh on the top, but it lets the rain in. The Oasis Bubble Tent gives you an uninhibited 360-degree view of your surroundings. Unlike other bubble tents, this one actually has blinds to preserve your privacy a little bit. It’s wind resistant and snow proof. The canopy covering is water proof and the vents have anti-mosquito netting in them. The frame is built from...

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Filmmakers Set Up Camera on Ice, End Up Capturing Largest Glacier Calving Ever Filmed

Filmmakers Adam LeWinter and Jeff Orlowski got the spectacle of a lifetime when filming “Chasing Ice”. For a full 75 minutes, they watched the Ilulissat Glacier in Western Greenland crumble. This was the largest glacier calving to ever be recorded – and it was an extraordinary sight to say none the least. It’s pretty hard to describe a glacier break-up in person, but the YouTube Channel Exposure Labs described it as a glacier retreated a full mile across a calving face three miles wide. The height of the ice is about 3,000 feet, 300-400 feet above water and the...

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Man Spends 4 Years Building a One-Of-A-Kind Church Using Only Living Trees

Barry Cox is a devoted Christian who is not only a man of faith, but also an amazingly talented designer and artist. His latest venture was inspired by his travels around the world to visit many Churches. Cox decided to create a unique Church of his own using living trees. Created over lush green lawns, the Tree Church was designed to show how an instant garden can be created using a Tree-Spade. The gardens and labyrinth walk is a welcomed retreat from society. It took Barry and his company, Tree Locations, a total of 4 years to complete this...

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Man Has Hilarious Response To State Environmental Agency After They Threaten Him

This letter from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality was an actual letter sent to a man named Stephen Tvedten in July 1997 when one of Tvedten’s neighbors noticed flooding on his property and traced it back to a dam on Tvedten’s stream. Before you get to Tvedten’s hilarious response to the state, read the state’s letter first. This was the state’s letter: This is the actual response sent back by Mr. Tvedten: LOL. It’s hard to believe this was a true story. If you enjoyed the post, be sure to share to your friends and family. h/t Snopes...

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Amazing Dolphins Respond To Violin Music Outside Their Aquarium

Animals can be so amazing. They are far more emotionally intelligent than humans will ever be.   At the Acquario di Genova aquarium, a violinist approaches the dolphin tank and begins to play.   She knocks Moana’s “How Far I’ll Go” out of the park, but that’s not the amazing part.   The best part of the video is when the dolphins become captivated by the music. Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest They Sing “Silent Night”, But Like You’ve Never Heard Before. Goosebumps! With Christmas just around the corner, their rendition of the famous carol ‘Silent Night’ is more than...

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