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Sled Legs: The World’s First Wearable Sleds

Click here to Buy Sledding is tons of fun in the winter. But what if there was a way to sled without having to lug your sled all the way back to the top? Or what if you just want a new, fun, innovative way to sled? Well that’s where the Sled Legs come in. They’re the world’s first wearable sleds! Since the Sled Legs are secured to your legs, it makes climbing the hill afterwards, a breeze. The cutouts make it easy to walk or run with them attached, so you can get yourself back on the top...

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One Dog One Bone Pool: Let Your Dog Bathe in His Favorite Toy

Click here to Buy The One Dog One Bone play pool is the perfect toy for summertime fun with your dog! It’s made with truckbed liner material, ensuring it’s sturdy enough to hold up to the biggest and most rambunctious pups! When you’re done, simply drain the pool from the bottom spout—no more struggling to tip it over! Perfect for the dog owner in your life! Available Here. Watch the demo below: Where To Buy One Dog One Bone Paw Shaped Play Pool $99+ Buy now One Dog One Bone Pool $308+ Buy now Comments Facebook Twitter...

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