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BeerGater: Cooler Accessory Lets You Pour Beverages on Tap

Have you ever wanted a cold beer or beverage from the tap? And yeah, you could bring a keg. But bringing a keg can be a hassle and rack up to a hefty price. That’s why BeerGater was invented. It combines a cooler with a tap to provide you cold beverages with one pull.

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Coolest Cooler: The All-in-One Backyard Party Machine

Do you love relaxing and partying outdoors during the hot summer months? The Coolest Cooler is perfect for you! It’s designed to keep your drinks cool and keep the party going anywhere you go. It comes with a built-in ice crushing blender that has a 20V rechargeable battery—you’ll never run out of power to blend your perfect smoothies and cocktails! It’s totally splash-proof, making it a great beach or pool companion. It has a loud Bluetooth speaker that can blast hours of music for your party, and it has a 55 quart storage capacity—you’ll be serving drinks to everyone...

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