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MI Mini PC: The World’s Most Powerful Pocket-Sized Computer

Do you want your computer with you when you travel, but you don’t want to lug around a heavy laptop everywhere? The MI Mini PC is perfect for you! It gives you the power of a computer, but with a small fraction of the size. Don’t be fooled by it’s tiny 5″ size—it has a 128 SSD and a desktop version of Windows 10. You can do all the work you’d do with a normal computer, but in a pocket-sized power machine! It has 8GB of RAM, and all the ports you need to connect your gadgets. It also...

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Shooz: Use the Same Set of Shoes for Any Occasion

Perfect for the avid traveler, this shoe separates into two parts and can be mix and matched to suit any occasion. The Shooz is the world’s first modular-tech travel shoe that has a zipper running along the side that allows you to switch the sole or skin so you’ll never have to buy a new pair of shoes again.

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