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Yabul Cook: Cook Food Without the Need of a Flame

Available here Perfect for the avid camper, this flameless cooker can heat foods under any circumstances without any flames. The Yabul Cook is the world’s 1st silicone flameless cooker that can instantly reheat and warm foods without the need of a fire. The food is warmed in the Yabul Cook from a heating pack at the bottom of it and only water is needed to be added to start cooking. The zipper bag inside will contain your food or liquid and depending on the type of food inside, it can take anywhere from 10-15 minutes to warm up. It...

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ESPRO: Make Perfect French Press Coffee No Matter Where You Are

The ESPRO coffee press and hydration bottle is perfect for the person on the go! It’s designed to make perfect pressed coffee no matter where you are. It’s the lightest 16 oz bottle of its kind and it’s vacuum insulated, keeping your drinks hot and cold for hours! The double micro filters are up to 12 times finer than traditional French presses, ensuring you get the perfect cup of coffee or tea every time! You can also use it as a durable water bottle! It also has a leakproof lid and essential loop, letting you take it anywhere! Available...

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