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BioLite FirePit: Cook and Start a Campfire with This Portable Grill/FirePit

The BioLite FirePit is a smokeless wood/charcoal burning device that both cooks your meals as a grill and also gives you front row tickets to a beautiful campfire. It uses an air injection system to give it a smokeless environment while giving you that nice campfire for your family to enjoy. The x-ray mesh allows you to watch those large, hypnotic and relaxing flames. You’ll also get all the other elements of the campfire: glowing embers at the bottom, gasifying wood in the middle and vortex flames at the top. The airflow system has 4 fan speeds to control...

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North Aware Smart Parka: Winter Coat with Built-In Gloves, Scarf and Extension

If you live in a city where the weather can turn from good to bad in the matter of minutes, you’ll understand the struggle of not having articles to keep you warm such as gloves and a scarf. It doesn’t really make sense to carry around these articles when the weather isn’t terrible when you leave the house, but what if you could carry it on you at all times? That’s where the Smart Parka steps in. Firstly, the Smart Parka has soft and water resistant leather gloves that are tucked neatly inside the zippered pockets in the coat’s...

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