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Little Girls and Horse Dance to Silento’s Hit Song “Watch Me”

You’ve probably seen horses dance before, but you’ve likely never seen them get their groove on to a modern-day hit! These two little girls are dancing to the popular song “Watch Me” by Silento at a local stable. They’re shaking their shoulders and having a good time, and their horse friend decides to get in on the action! The horse starts kicking its legs and shaking its mane, really getting into the beat! Animals and humans connecting through music is truly remarkable—it never gets old! Watch the full hilarious video down below!   Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest Ugly Christmas...

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This Ross Sisters Broadway Dance Routine Was Like Nothing Else Anyone Saw on Film

They might not be a household name like Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers, but they certainly had the moves! The Ross Sisters appeared in a 1940s-era MGM film called “Broadway Rhythm,” and their famous routine stunned audiences back in the day! Their acrobatics blew audiences away back in the 40s, and their dancing is wowing modern audiences today, thanks to YouTube! Anyone who wants a great blast from the past will love this video! Watch the full routine in the video down below!   Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest Ugly Christmas Sweater Winner Plays Carol of the Bells Watch this...

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