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The RYNO: One-Wheeled, Electric Powered Machine for Personal Transportation

Click here to Pre-order The RYNO is an accessible, enjoyable and practical machine for motorized personal transportation. It’s a one-wheeled, electric powered machine used for casual strolls and short trips. You can ride RYNO wherever you’d usually walk. Whether it’s on the sidewalk, urban parks or office elevators, the RYNO can go there as well. It rides at 10mph. Use the RYNO for times when it’s too far or inconvenient to walk but too short for you to drive. This makes RYNO great for art and music festivals as well as those quick runs for groceries. The RYNO has...

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Man Writes Hilarious Letter to His Sister Describing His Awful Jellyfish Encounter

We’ve all had a bad day at the office, but our worst days probably don’t compare to this guy’s bad day. This man had a rather unfortunate encounter with a jellyfish that not only ruined his day, but the two days afterwards—and he just had to write a letter to his sister about it. Read the full hilarious story down below! via Hrtwarming Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest Woman’s Viral Post About Handicapped Spots Will Make You Think Twice About Bad Parking This post will hopefully make people think twice about parking badly in handicapped spots. Oprah’s Powerful Golden Globes...

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Ori: Never Choose Between a Bedroom, Living Room or Office Again

Space: Always seems there’s not enough inside your home or apartment. The people behind Ori want to make sure you never compromise on style or comfort in your small space. Ori is a robotic furniture system. Using your finger, you can touch, tap or speak what transformations you want and Ori will respond. It can even connect to your iPhone or other smart device. They contain beds, storage, entertainment units and sometimes even couches or chairs. Two models are available: the single bed size and the double bed size. The prices haven’t been released, but they are available for...

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Test Out Your Soccer and Dart Skills With This Inflatable

Soccer is a great game, but like so many other things in life, sometimes a mashup can make it better. This fun summer game combines darts and soccer. It has special balls that stick to the target when kicked. It’s 20 ft wide and 15 ft high, so even people who aren’t naturally good players will be able to hit the target. Since it’s inflatable, it’s also super soft so everyone can stay safe. Check it out in the video below and click here to get one for yourself. Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest Utah Father Transforms His 4-Month-Old Baby...

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