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Student Volunteered at Retirement Home, but Never Expected One of the Seniors to Say This

In a Reddit thread, user /u/musictomyomelette explained an incident he experienced at a senior citizens community after he was asked “what have you unknowingly done that meant the world to someone else?” He says the incident completely changed his outlook on life and for the better. Read what happened in the story below: Wow, what an amazing story. While most high schoolers find themselves spending time playing video games or at the mall, this student was able to experience a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will stick with him forever. Be sure to share this story with your friends/family. Comment from...

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The Opera Camper Combines the Camping Lifestyle with a Luxurious 21st Century Look

If you love the camping lifestyle, you’ll definitely fall in love with the Opera Camper from Rob Vos Design. It combines the camping lifestyle with a 21st century look of a high quality camper with amenities. The Opera starts off as an extension of your car. It’s extremely stable thanks to its wide track, double axle, hydraulic shocks and very low centre of gravity. With a simple twist of a key to unlock the Opera and a press of a button to unfold it, the Opera Camper unfolds into a beautiful, luxurious Opera house style camper. In the Opera...

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Giraffe Manor: Dine With Safari Animals in Kenya

If you’ve ever wanted to go on an African safari, consider bringing the safari to you! Giraffe Manor is a safari park that offers your typical hotel, tours and food. But it has one unique twist. The giraffes do everything with you! The beautiful gardens in this historic property are filled with Rothschild giraffes. They’re free to stick their heads into the window and share breakfast with you. They live in the nearby forest, but love to come for a visit. Giraffe Manor hotel only has 10 rooms, so it’s nice and intimate. The prices are about $550 per...

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Old Man Rants About How Kids Nowadays Have It Way Easier Than Kids in His Generation

You know that feeling, when you get older, you look back at people younger and wonder to yourself: “Wow, was I like that?” Or maybe you’re from a completely other generation, and wonder how lucky this generation is. This old man had that exact feeling and figured he would write a letter about it. Read it below: Wow, I don’t think any truer words have been said. Like the letter says, pass it on to someone you’d think it’d make smile. h/t Hrtwarming Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest Susan Boyle’s Rendition Of ‘O Holy Night’ Will Definitely Lift Your Christmas...

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Disrespectful Students Frustrate Motivational Speaker, What He Says Next Has the Entire Room Silent

Eric Thomas, or otherwise known as, “ET” is a critically acclaimed author, world-renowned speaker and educator. Though he’s had a lot of success for himself now, the 51-year-old PhD has overcome a lot throughout his life. These struggles have shaped him into the man he’s become today and is a major part of the inspiration for him to become a motivational speaker. ET now speaks to professional sports teams, CEOs, corporations, fans and even not-for-profit visits. via Youtube – NCStatePackFootball   In the video below, ET decides to visit a high school in St. Louis, MO to share his...

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