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Boss Gives New Manager a “Care Package” After Overhearing Him Talk About His Money Problems

There are so many added expenses when you move—especially when you’re moving across the country with a young family. This man moved his family from Alaska to California for a new job. He and his wife were worried about how they were going to pay their bills and buy their daughter’s formula. But unknown to them, his new boss overheard what was going on and decided to step up. Read the full story down below. Comment from discussion Boss just threw two hundred dollar bills on my desk and said…. Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest Orphaned “Justin Beaver” Can’t Go...

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Programmer Exposes Guy Who Wanted Him to Do ~40 Hours of Work for Free

When you do freelance work, you have to walk a fine line between charging a fair price for your services and being able to eat. Zach Zundel, a computer science and biomedical engineering student at the University of Utah was faced with this exact problem recently. Someone reached out on Twitter with this insane request: So Zach decided to expose him for all to see. lmao sorry friendaloo but if you want me to write you a couple thousand lines of code you get to profit from forever it's gonna cost you pic.twitter.com/M9pIDo51vv — Zach (@franklyrosalind) June 21, 2017...

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