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Esslinger Headband Magnifiers: Magnify Objects Hands-Free

If you’ve ever repaired jewellery or a watch, you’ll understand how difficult it can be holding a magnifying glass in one hand and working on the repair with your other. Or maybe you’re just trying to read the instructions but the font is just so small you need a magnifying glass.

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Ztylus Stinger: The USB Car Charger That Can Save Your Life

Available here If you want added security to your car, the Ztylus Stinger is perfect for you! It’s designed to be a security tool while also being a charger for your devices. The spring-loaded window punch works quickly—if you need to escape your car and can’t use the door, this tool will get you out safely. Trapped in your seatbelt? The razor-sharp blade will cut off your seatbelt quickly. The sleek and useful design always ensures it’s within reach. When it’s not an emergency, the Ztylus doubles as a USB charger—the dual USB ports will keep your devices fully...

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